Italian wines from the Caldirola winery


Wines from the Caldirola winery

In 1897 Caldirola was a simple osteria in Contra, a small hamlet in the Comune of Missaglia where the current Casa Vinicola Caldirola headquarter is based today. It was here that Ferdinando Caldirola's story, which would link three generations of his family to the tables of the Italian populace, had its beginning. During the 1940s, Ferdinando, together with his son Gaetano, transformed the osteria, at that time a popular meeting point for the locals, into a more structured sales point. He even branched out into the sale of cured meats, a business that would require the involvement of all the family members. At the beginning, the business was small. However, slowly the wine-trade started to become more significant, to eventually establish itself as the main commercial activity of a company that had begun selling wine fifty years ago.
in the sixties wine is a much-loved product that incites relaxation and warms the atmosphere at the table. During the 1960s, Gaetano Caldirola explores the best vineyards of the Piedmont region: barbera, nebbiolo and moscato as a starting point. He subsequently hires seven more people to help him bottle the wines. At the time, the apparatus used was manual and there was only a single truck that transported the wine from the railway station to Missaglia. The small company was successful and the osterie of the area appreciated the design of the bottles in which the wine was kept and sold. The bottles did not yet feature any labels, simply different coloured bottle tops in order to distinguish the various vineyards. The glass was embossed with the words "Caldirola wines". The smaller bottles, those holding a quarter litre, attracted a new kind of customer and staff canteens begin to feature them as a beverage choice. Over the following decade, the following names gain importance: Innocenti, Alfa, Bianchi, Falk, Pirelli, Vismara...
During the seventies, bottling plants become ever more technological until they become fully automated. The Gattinara winery in the province of Vercelli becomes part of Caldirola's permanent production infrastructure where the wines undergo a natural fermentation process. Caldirola chooses the Lombardy region as the most suitable location for the commercialisation of its wines – a region that not only offers the possibility of new markets but also the availability of services that are required in the immediate surroundings. New retail opportunities rapidly increase and are ready to be seized. Large Scale Retail is the new objective and Nando Caldirola is ready to take this path. The label "La Cacciatora" becomes the protagonist of the promotional campaigns that are to become a regular means of communicating important issues. The high quality of the wine is associated with a reasonable price and the assortment becomes vaster; from the Piedmont to Tuscany, from Sicily to Abruzzo. Large-scale retail becomes a good excuse for making significant changes to the production processes. The company introduces the "empty loses out" campaign and encourages consumers to recycle their glass wine bottles. It is in this way that the company's environmental awareness increases, to play an ever more important role over time.
With the consolidation of sales in the Italian marketplace, the company begins to look further afield for sales opportunities. Caldirola's first steps outside Italy begin with Germany, then Belgium, Luxembourg and finally with Moscow. It is during this period that the five-litre "Dama" is born, featuring a neck collar created personally by Nando Caldirola. The "Dama" enters the history books of wine containers and although it is a container format that becomes the norm for the Italian consumer, abroad it becomes the company's trademark. The ex-Soviet Union becomes a popular business travel destination and Gorbachev celebrates his trip to Italy with a glass of Caldirola prosecco while the company also begins its sponsorship involvement in the world of sport. The bottle produced especially for the world-cup in 1990 enters Italian homes and cycling champions cross the streets of Europe featuring Caldirola's logo on their shirts.
In this, the new century, the entrepreneurial company acquires the success it deserves - as the Italian leader of modern large-scale retail channels in the glass sector. However, the first five years of the millennium are a period of great transition in the family's management of the company; Nando gives up the management of Casa Vinicola Caldirola has commenced on a new path, guided by several entrepreneurs who form part of the new company. The new management, which possesses significant oenological experience, will continue to reach and surpass objectives already reached and which is in line with the growth of the company's home market, stronger export growth, the launch of new products in line with market requirements, an excellent price-quality ratio, and a mix of made-to-measure services conceived specifically for the large-scale retail sector. The company already boasts significant partnerships with many Italian wine producers as well as with Consortiums for the purchase of very high-quality wines. The careful selection of wines from regional vineyards has led to the expansion of the "La Cacciatora" brand. Environmental Marketing becomes an important communication choice in favour of environmental sustainability. Sports sponsorship also becomes a significant medium for brand awareness. The future will bring new sales opportunities with export as the company's primary objective. 

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